Daredevil Stories We Need To See In The MCU

Seeing Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: Far From Home made me sing Hallelujah right in the theater! Because it can mean only one thing; we are getting… more… Daredevil.

After season 3 ended on Netflix, we were not even close to being done with this character. And not just the character, but Charlie Cox’s perfect portrayal of him. And now that we know he’s back in the MCU, all is right in the world. Which would mean the Netflix show is also part of the MCU, right? The Daredevil series kicked some serious ace and has established so many stories to expand off of in future seasons. Which leads us to this video…

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Storylines That Influenced Seasons 1 through 3
2:27 Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, All My Sins Remembered
4:09 Wolverine Enemy of the State Part 5
5:40 Shadowland
9:26 Final Thought

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Written by: Glenn Brown
Narrated by: Glenn Brown
Edited by: Glenn Brown

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