Movie Content Plus Video Daredevil Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Daredevil Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


So I have about 10 minutes to make you a semi expert on Daredevil or just to remind you how cool he is so let’s not waste any time but there’s some spoilers for Spider-Man, No Way Home, definitely not a movie you want spoiled by a random dude on the internet.
Ok still here? Let’s get all the No Way Home stuff out of the way first.
Now that you’ve watched the entire video and of course you did, why wouldn’t you have, you’re a certified Matt Murdock master, armed with random facts that only the nerdiest of people will care about, you’re ready to explain who the blind guy was in No Way Home to everyone who went to see the movie completely unprepared because they just want to be included in the discussion without putting nearly enough work into it. But hey, as long as Spider-Man continues to do well, there won’t be too many complaints from me, there’s still definitely going to be complaints but just not a lot.
Also don’t forget to do all that YouTube stuff that helps us grow. You know, hitting the like button, subscribing, hitting the bell. Also even if it’s not timely, let us know what you want to see from the channel. I’m constantly campaigning for more interesting video angles and anything that let’s me rant about Daredevil or Doctor Doom is always going to be fun for me and if it’s fun for me, the videos are better and then that makes them fun for you. A win-win!

0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Spider-Man connections
1:03 – Connections to future of MCU
1:57 – Better than Spidey-Sense?
3:18 – Keeping his identity secret
4:01 – TMNT link
4:53 – Powers and Feats
6:04 – Black Widow Connection
6:50 – Not always a hero
7:44 – Regaining Vision
8:55 – Canceled Projects

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