Controversial Things Actors Have Done That Fans Will Never Forget

It seems like these days actors, and celebrities in general, aren’t quite so easily forgiven when it comes to their screw-ups. Whether you want to call that "cancel culture," "consequences culture," or something else, it genuinely seems like actors can’t get away with anywhere near as much as they used to. Sometimes the worst they get is a bit of hate from the fans, sometimes their careers take a hit for a while, and other times — though it’s rare — their careers disappear altogether.

From silly to criminal to absolutely unforgivable, each instance was completely avoidable, and records of it will live on as some of the dumbest things actors have done to make us give up on them. Curious to see who made the cut at some of their biggest downfalls? Stay tuned to find out some of the most controversial things actors have done that fans will never forget.

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Will Smith | 0:00
Gina Carano | 1:15
Mel Gibson | 2:10
Roseanne Barr | 3:09
Ezra Miller | 4:18
Scarlett Johansson | 6:03
Jared Leto | 7:00
Jussie Smollett | 8:04
Dave Chappelle | 9:11
Christian Bale | 10:18
Mayim Bialik | 11:03

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