Movie Content Plus Video Controversial Film Costumes That Had Everyone Talking

Controversial Film Costumes That Had Everyone Talking

It’s not easy to dress a star up for the big screen, and putting on a movie outfit is nothing like getting dressed for your average day. Imagine all of the problems with your own ensemble, and multiply that by putting them all on a giant screen. Viewers can also come into a movie with a lot of expectations, whether they’re from the movie’s source material or just notions they have about the appropriateness of something in a larger cultural landscape.

Directors and costume designers get it wrong all of the time. Here are a few controversial film costumes that had everyone talking.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle | 0:00
Batman & Robin | 1:10
Green Lantern | 2:04
Pitch Perfect 3 | 3:05
Suicide Squad | 4:02
The Seven Year Itch | 4:57
Return of the Jedi | 6:30
X-Men Origins: Wolverine | 7:44
Wonder Woman | 8:39
Jurassic World | 9:43
Judge Dredd | 10:48
Labyrinth | 12:11
The Outlaw | 13:23
Brave | 14:46

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