Cobra Kai Season 5: 25 Things You Missed


Just like the movie series that inspired it, Cobra Kai has spun out from the echoes of a bullied and bully relationship to a full on high stakes suburban karate showdown. The series’ most over the top villain Terry Silver has been given free reign to shape Cobra Kai in his own maniacal image. In the nostalgic tinged show we’ve entered new depths for new and old characters alike. The show has begun to reference not just the movies but itself. Tucked in the middle of the karate fights and manipulation Johnny has grown as a person, we learn more about Amanda’s past and even how Amanda and Daniel met as Jessica Andrews from Karate Kid III returns. Even the bad boy of karate Mike Barnes has come back to revisit the past. Robby and Miguel have been forced to come to terms with each other. Perhaps the biggest standout is the formerly murderous and hot tempered Chozen as Larusso’s secret weapon to fight the Silver Cobra Kai machine. While Kreese is in jail, he isn’t entirely off the board. While the season builds to the big showdown with Silver, the show still has plenty of surprises and even hints towards the future. The creators have indicated that there’s more to come. We’re not done with under 18 Valley karate just yet. What little easter egg did you pick up? Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe for the latest videos in your inbox.


0:00 Intro
0:38 Daniel-san
1:11 Hubby-san
1:46 Comparing Notes
2:29 Roots Strong
3:27 Meet Cute
3:57 Mountain Climbing
4:27 Everyone’s Got Old Beefs
5:00 Babe Ruthless
5:34 Bonsai
6:13 “I Like That”
6:46 Buying Muscle
7:16 Car Guy
7:45 Ascot
8:18 Cobra
8:48 Karii
9:25 Bloody Knuckles
10:00 Erased From History
10:37 Search History
11:09 Faux Hawk
11:41 Judas
12:16 Top Gun
12:39 Desperado
13:08 Lessons
13:39 Video Game
14:15 Six Seasons and a Movie

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