Movie Content Plus Video Christmas Movie Triple Feature From Feel-Good Classics to Horror-Comedy

Christmas Movie Triple Feature From Feel-Good Classics to Horror-Comedy

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Welcome back to Collider Movie Club! Hosted by Coy Jandreau and Perri Nemiroff, Movie Club offers an in-depth exploration of the key themes, execution and impact of some of our favorite films. This week, Coy and Perri are celebrating the new My Lists feature on Movies Anywhere by spreading holiday cheer via some of the best holiday movies out there.

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, it’s high time to give that Christmas spirit a boost! For Coy, Perri and many movie lovers, no holiday season is complete without a viewing of one of the most iconic Christmas movies of all-time, Chris Columbus’s Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin. Home Alone is over 30 years old now, but remains a highly rewatchable and timeless classic that continues to charm viewers and thrive as a pop culture phenomenon today. 

The thing is though, Home Alone is a well-known holiday essential. You probably already have that on your Christmastime must watch list, right? Fear not! Coy and Perri also bring personal favorites to the conversation that will guarantee you have a holiday season filled with a wide variety of genres! Find out what else they chose in this holiday edition of Collider Movie Club.

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