Children’s Show Characters That Are Actually Terrible

Children’s shows have such a unique place in pop culture. They are welcomed with open arms by their young viewers and then re-examined under a more critical lens once those same viewers become adults. Once you get older, you start to notice the deeper nuances in the show’s writing and are able to see character details you may have missed when you were a child.

Unfortunately, not all those "new" details make the character better, though. Sometimes audiences come to realize that characters on children’s shows are a lot worse than they thought. Here are the children’s show characters that are actually terrible.

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Scrappy-Doo | 0:00
Princess Morbucks | 1:18
Norman Price
Brainy Smurf
Cast of Teen Titans Go!
Jerry Mouse
Randall Weems
Angelica Pickles
Eustace Bagge

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