Child Stars Who Wound Up In Adult Careers As Grown Ups

For some, the idea of making your living as an actor is the ultimate, impossible dream. As appealing as fame and fortune might seem, there are some serious downsides to having millions of people intimately know your name and face. Those downsides are only exacerbated for those who find that level of success incredibly early in life, turning into stars before they’ve even made it into high school. While it might seem utterly perplexing that these child stars turned their backs on Hollywood, they seem perfectly fulfilled in their current, slightly less-glamorous jobs. These are child stars who wound up in adult careers as grown ups

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Danny Lloyd | 0:00
Mara Wilson | 1:19
Kay Panabaker | 2:28
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen | 3:31
Leanna Creel | 4:40
Ami Foster | 5:52
Michael Oliver | 6:47
Omri Katz | 7:46
Ariana Richards | 8:41
Eva Amurri | 9:37
Shirley Temple | 10:35

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