Characters In The Batman With More Meaning Than We Realized

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"The Batman" looks to be the biggest Batman film of all time. Whether it is or not, it’s certainly the longest, with a nearly three-hour long runtime that packs an enormous amount of characters, action scenes, and information into every minute. Considering how massive the movie is, you’d be forgiven for missing some of the sneaky references to Batman history that the creators included, even when they’re hidden in plain sight. It’s not just minor background details either; there’s some major implications behind some of the choices that co-writer and director Matt Reeves made with the supporting cast. Here are the characters in "The Batman" with more meaning than we realized.

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Carmine Falcone | 0:00
The Twins | 2:01
Bella Reál | 3:38
Anika Kosolov | 4:37
The Joker? | 6:35

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