Movie Content Plus Video CAPTAIN AMERICA Was Wrong (And Homelander Proves It!)

CAPTAIN AMERICA Was Wrong (And Homelander Proves It!)

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s superhero Civil War divided the MCU into Tea, Captain America and Team Iron Man. But in hindsight, we can say that both heroes were wrong. But Steve Rogers was especially wrong.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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The movie dealt with a really powerful debate on superhero accountability. Though, despite all the incredible kicking and punching, the movie never answered the question of who was right, Captain America or Iron Man.

And it seems like Marvel Studios, as well as all its heroes, pretty much forgotten about this as well. Because Thanos showed up, and the debate around superhero supervision…. poof, it got dusted.

Since then, no one is talking about this. But we didn’t forget, and we are here to remain the Avengers that the bill comes due, now more than ever.

The central conflict in the amazing Captain America Civil War is the ideological clash between Captain America and Iron Man.

Tony was all in for government supervision, believing that the Avengers must be held accountable for their mistakes. The only path forward is for the Avengers to register and be overseen by the government.

Steve on the other hand believed that the Avengers must remain autonomous, free to take action in the world and use their abilities without the limitations of government supervision.

So who’s right here?

Well, you might be surprised here, because Steve was wrong, but that doesn’t actually mean that Tony was right.

Usually with these types of videos, we go into the nitty gritty of why certain heroes were wrong. But this time, it’s going to be different.
Because while Steve is wrong, he’s also right, in principle. While Tony is right, to a certain degree, he’s mostly wrong.

After one too many collateral misshapes, the Avengers face the consequences for their actions as independent heroes.

While they save the world, they do tend to leave a lot of havoc behind them.

This leads to the sokovia accords, a legal bind that will allow the world’s governments to regulate the Avengers.

Tony was totally on board with the accords, while Steve was against it with all of his heart.

They are both right, to a degree, but also so very wrong.

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