Movie Content Plus Entertainment CAPTAIN AMERICA New World Order & THUNDERBOLTS Leaks | Red Hulk Harrison Ford Theories And Rumors

CAPTAIN AMERICA New World Order & THUNDERBOLTS Leaks | Red Hulk Harrison Ford Theories And Rumors

CAPTAIN AMERICA New World Order & THUNDERBOLTS Breakdown | Everything We Know, Plot Leaks, Red Hulk Harrison Ford Theories And Casting Rumors. We breakdown the latest Captain America 4 and Thunderbolts leaks to talk about how these phase 5 movies build on the films before.

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Ok so Captain America New World Order and the Thunderbolts are some of my most anticipated MCU movies. There really seems to be a lot of cool things coming out of them and with the casting of Harrison Ford as General Ross I think that the movies are going to be something special. Throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down everything we know about the films and also the plot leaks and rumours that are currently floating around about it.

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Now for the first part I wanna talk about Harrison Fords role. William Hurt has played General Ross since the Incredible Hulk but he passed away in March 2022 leaving a big hole in the Marvel Universe. For years we’ve wondered when Red Hulk would be showing up and it seems like Ford will be the one who turns into him. Incase you haven’t read the Red Hulk run it basically picks up after the events of World War Hulk with Bruce in a secure prison located underground. Hulk like murders start to happen and General Ross is also seemingly killed.

However this turns out to be a life model decoy and Red Hulk is in fact the general.

Now both Captain America and the Thunderbolts movie will be closely linked to one another with Ross becoming the President.

According to Daniel RPK, the Captain America movie will follow on from the Eternals with there being a big focus on Tiamut. Last left in the ocean the celestials corpse will be excavated and those that dig on it will apparently find adamantium. This is of course hte indestructible metal that was used to coat Wolverine skeleton and it’s one of the most sought after elements on the planet. We saw in Wakanda Forever how the UN were desperately trying to get Vibranium and France, bloody France even sent a Swat team in to try and get some.

Wakanda stopped this but the rest of the world are still desperate to get their hands on whatever they can to make them the new superpower. Now that’s where Tiamut and the quest for Adamantium comes in. According to Daniel…

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