Canceled Origin Story Movies We’ll Never Get To See

Film studios are all too eager to explore the backstories of established characters. Movies like “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd” have delved into the origins of some of the most beloved — and not so beloved — characters ever to hit the big screen. But not every character is destined for standalone greatness, even if there once was a plan to take them there.
From iconic Jedi, to devious mutants, to legendary action heroes, Hollywood history is awash with canceled origin stories. But why were these projects shelved — and did we really need them in the first place? Here’s the real reason these origin story movies got canceled.

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X-Men Origins: Magneto | 0:00
Prince Nuada | 1:37
Yoda: A Star Wars Story | 2:43
Silver Surfer | 3:48
McClane | 5:20
Rambo: The Prequel | 6:29
Superman: Flyby | 7:44
Batman: Year One | 9:03
Gambit | 10:16
Bride of Frankenstein | 11:24

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