Movie Content Plus Video Bullet Train: 25 Things You Missed

Bullet Train: 25 Things You Missed

We just got back from Bullet Train and all we can say is WOW! This was probably one of the best movies that we’ve seen all year. It’s like a live action anime mixed with James Bond and fast and furious action, baby! Before we continue, there are heavy spoilers ahead, so here is your official warning! Directed by David Leitch, this movie is absolutely peanut butter and jam packed with action with a wonderful amount of comedy. For the first time in a while, this movie had the audience of the theater cracking up at the jokes and sequences and it really tied it all together for us. Bullet Train Follows Brad Pitt as LadyBug, an assassin and secret agent if you will, tasked with retrieving a briefcase with 10 million dollars in it on board the world’s fastest train in Japan. Without giving too much away, he finds out there are numerous other assassins and secret operatives on the train, and their missions all intertwine in some sort of complicated spider web. The common thread is the Japan mob boss, the white death.Ladybug is just trying to get the briefcase from tangerine and lemon, 2 operatives trying to bring the briefcase back to the white death along with his son who was kidnapped, also on the train is Joey King as Prince, who we later find out is the white deaths daughter who is tailing the operatives to kill the white death by pushing a little boy off a balcony then the father of the boy comes to get revenge on prince, and the grandfather of the boy wants to kill the white death for killing his wife way back when…boy I’m out of breath. This tangled web of a movie is a wild ride from start to finish and it’ll have you on the edge of your seat.


0:00 – Intro
1:43 – Familiar Faces
2:18 – Lady Gaga
2:54 – Brad Pitt and Director David Leitch Connection
3:26 – Brad Pitt’s Own Stunts
3:50 – Maria Beetle
4:31 – The Division
5:03 – Bad Bunny’s Real Name
5:40 – Stayin’ Alive
6:09 – Kraven The Hunter
6:29 – Lemons and Tangerines
7:08 – Keanu Reeves
7:44 – Joey King
8:10 – Taylor-Johnson Hospitalized
8:56 – Jackie Chan
9:34 – Budget
10:30 – Brad Pitt In Japan
10:58 – Real Life Vs Movie Train
11:47 – Brad vs. Bad
12:02 – Joey King’s Nerves
12:35 – Thomas The Tank Engine
13:21 – Tangerine Juice
13:47 – Made for Theater
14:12 – Brad and Sandra’s Deal
14:23 – Percy “The Train” Jackson
14:39 – Post Credit Scene

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