Bruce Campbell Says He’s Done Playing Ash in Evil Dead Franchise

Make no mistake: Bruce Campbell has done a lot across his illustrious career, with leading roles across nineties shows like The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and Jack of All Trades, and popping up more recently in the likes of Burn Notice. But to the lion’s share of horror aficionados, he’ll always be one Ash Williams, the chainsaw-wielding hero of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise – which evolved from schlocky one-off B-movie to a series epitomized by its darker-than-black humor, elevated by Campbell’s relentless charisma. But now, in an exclusive interview with Collider, the actor has revealed why he’s hanging up his boomstick for good.

Speaking to Collider’s Christina Radish ahead of his upcoming horror-comedy Black Friday, Campbell said of the future of the franchise (and Ash):

"I’m done playing Ash, so that determines a lot of where we go with the franchise without that character, but there are more stories. We’re doing it book-focused these days. That darn book gets around, and that’s how we play it. That book wound up in an urban environment with a single mom, so let’s see what happens. It’s fun to fiddle with it. There’s not gonna be any traditional form of Evil Dead anymore. Ash is gone. I’ve retired the character because I physically just can’t do him anymore, so why bother? Why do I do it? It’s time to hang up the chainsaw. But we still are filmmakers, we’re still producers, we’re still creative-type dudes, so we were like, “How do we keep this going otherwise?” Sam [Raimi] handpicked Fede Alvarez to do the remake a few years ago. He handpicked Lee Cronin for this one. These are Sam Raimi proteges that we hope will do a good job."

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