BOBA FETT Chapter 3: Is PALPATINE the Secret Villain? | Star Wars Theories EXPLAINED

The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 3 furthers the political intrigue of Mos Espa–the Hutts are out, and the Pikes are in. While Boba makes some new allies: a Mod Cyber Punk street gang, Danny Trejo, and a Rancor calf. We breakdown and review the episode, and also speculate on the show’s mystery villain. Is it Darth maul’s old organization, Crimson Dawn? Or is Palpatine hunting for some of Fett’s Clone DNA to set up the Rise of Skywalker? And will any of this connect to the Bad Batch?

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0:00 Boba Fett Episode 3 Reviews
6:10 Tuskens, We Hardly Knew Ya’
8:09 Boba’s New Family
10:45 What was Awesome
13:07 Did the Pikes Kill the Tuskens?
15:09 Is Crimson Dawn Behind the Pikes?
19:31 Cobb Vanth Returning?
20:10 The Hutts’ Trojan Rancor?
21:39 Is Palpatine(‘s ghost) Looking for Boba Fett?

Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Guest Starring
Meghan O’Keefe (http://
Shaylo_Ren (http://

Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright

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