Movie Content Plus Video Bob Iger Stopped Isaac Perlmutter From Firing Kevin Feige

Bob Iger Stopped Isaac Perlmutter From Firing Kevin Feige

Marvel fans have heard tell of Ike Perlmutter, Chairman of Marvel Entertainment, and know that he is rumored to be responsible for a lot of bad things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mainly in that he prevented movies like Black Panther, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel from happening. But his attack on the MCU as we know it was worse than we might have thought. Or could have been if Bob Iger hadn’t stepped in.

Iger sat down for an interview with CNBC (via Deadline) and talked about how Nelson Peltz and Perlmutter had a "curious dynamic" and that Peltz has now abandoned his push for a seat on the board at Marvel. Leaving his campaign behind, Peltz of Trian Group wanted to be on the board and was backed by Perlmutter’s support. In an SEC filing, it was revealed that since July 2022, Peltz and/or Perlmutter pushed for Peltz to have a seat on the board "no less" than 20 times.

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