Blade Runner 2049: Mackenzie Davis’ Impassioned Praise for Denis Villeneuve

In honor of Station Eleven’s ten-episode run on HBO Max, Mackenzie Davis recently joined us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night to celebrate the truly exceptional post-apocalyptic miniseries, and also to look back on the past credits that helped her hone her craft. We touched on quite a bit including her first feature film, Breathe In, and the standout AMC series, Halt and Catch Fire, but there was no concluding the conversation without touching on Davis’ experience working with one of the most exciting directors out there, Denis Villeneuve.

Davis played Mariette in Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, a character who has an unforgettable encounter with Ryan Gosling’s K and Ana de Armas’ Joi, a scene that’s a true technical and performance marvel. While I imagine there could have been much more to learn about Mariette in future installments, what we do get from Blade Runner 2049 is that the character is a Nexus-8 replicant working with the replicant freedom group.

A very hot top of discussion that’s become more and more prevalent with every single film Villeneuve releases is how he’s a true visionary, a one-of-a-kind artist with a knack for creating strong atmosphere, stunning visuals and stories dripping with complexity and subtext. But what’s it like working with Villeneuve on set? We trust in his ability to deliver a stellar final product, but what’s the experience like while making it? That’s the question I posed to Davis during our Collider Ladies Night conversation. 

Check out what she had to say in this Ladies Night After Hours clip!

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