Movie Content Plus Video Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – PLOT HOLES EXPLAINED + Questions Answered

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – PLOT HOLES EXPLAINED + Questions Answered

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Black panther: wakanda Forever is a sprawling MCU epic that broadens the scale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in any story this big, there are going to be lots of plot holes and unanswered questions. How did Shuri get good at fighting? Why keep T’Challa’s son a secret? Why didn’t namor just kill Riri Williams? We answer all these questions and more.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Brianna McLarty, Ethan Lavinsky, and Sean Martin

#WakandaForever #PlotHoles

Let’s start where the movie started, at the funeral. At your ugly clone asked, why didn’t a single avenger attend the funeral…not even his best friend Clint Barton who he met at the airport that one time . [I’m clint/I don’t care]. This is a good point. And a few of you also asked why Bucky wasn’t there. Well, Wakanda was an isolationist country for thousands of years, with sacred rituals. They just now opened themselves into the world. It could be that a wakandan funeral is a ritual that sends the person off to the land of the dead.

Ryan Coogler said that this funeral is actually a celebration, and in the movie they sing thanks for the gift of T’challa. So an outsider’s worldly viewpoint might have tarnished the ceremony. Also, maybe there was another service for outsiders. Maybe there were avengers at the funeral, but we dind;t see them.

But I doubt it. The only avenger T’Challa seemed close to was steve–and he’s off on the moon. [he’s on the moon]. There’s also Bucky, but remember, he’s not on good terms with his old friends [stay away from wakanda]. But mostly, there were no avengers at the funeral because if there were, we would have expected them to help out later in the movie.

Brandon Redd asks why the queen questions Nakia’s absence from the funeral, when she knew the reason she wasn;t there. Yeah, the queen knew that –spoiler alert–she knew that T’Chall and Nakia had a son. So she did not approve of her grandchild not being brought to wakanda for his dad’s funeral. Seems pretty obvious.

We also have a lot of questions about T’Challa Junior, namor, and Talocan that I’m going to talk about in just a bit. First, you all had lots of questions about shuri. When Ramonds arrives back from the UN she tells Shuri how infortbale the AI makes her, and talks about how she’s afraid of a rogue AI willingham all out. Henry H wondered why shuri just dismissed the rogue AI question when Ultroi nearly destroyed the world just a few years earlier. An event that made wakanda step from the shadows and sign the Sokovia accords.

Well, because shuri is so brilliant, she would have understood how ultron came to be. Ultron is not an ordinary AI–he was given sentence by the mind stone. And the mind stone no longer exists. All of the AI s we see in the MCU are very passive. [arvis, friday, karen].

Squarebear 77 asked why shuri was trying to make another heart shaped herb to save him from this illness when he already had the herb in his blood. Well, I think this one is self explanatory. The herb has healing properties. Concentrated healing properties, like the super soldier serum. Remember, it also cured steve;s asthma.

The herb in t’challa’s system was not strong enough to cure his illness, but shuri could have used the herb to create a potent medicine that would have fixed him.

We also had a lot of you questioning shuri’s skills as the black panther. Mot awesome says: Shuri can’t fight and never trained yet more agile and acrobatic than T’challa and Daredevil combined during the final fight.

For one thing, I love how she moved during the fight. She actually moved more like a cat than the other black panthers we’ve seen, and it’s more reflective of her fighting style. Shuri isn;t as strong as T’Challa or Killmonger, but she is lighter and faster.

But as for how she learned to fight, come one. IN the first movie, she drops off Ross, then goes to fight killmonger. But on the way she stops to put on her ceremonial combat face paint. You don;t have ceremonial combat face paint unless you;ve been trained to fight. I this move we learn that t’challa was a scientist as well as a warrior, and the reverse is true here. Shuri learned to fight, but focused more on her lab.

Also, she fought killmonger, and she fought in the final battle of endgame. She fought thanos. Have you ever fought Thanos?

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