Movie Content Plus Entertainment BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene Breakdown & Phase 5 Predictions

BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene Breakdown & Phase 5 Predictions

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BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene Breakdown, MCU Future & Phase 5 Predictions. We recap and explain the mid credits scene of Wakanda Forever and talk about the T’Challa reveal and what it means for the future of the MCU. There’s potential X-men clues here and a lot of things to discuss.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down Black Panther.

– Wakanda Forever.

The film has a massive ending that points to a lot of things in the MCU and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the post credits scene. It introduces someone new and in this video we wanna talk about the meaning behind this and also what it could tease for the future of the MCU. There’s also the rumours of what we originally were supposed to be getting and some stuff with Everett Ross that could set up the future of Secret Invasion.

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I swear I’m not doing the arm cross thing and with that out the way, let’s get into Wakanda Forever.

Ok so upon leaving the theatre the first thing you probably wanna see us talk about is the reveal in the post credits scene. Wakanda Forever of course had to deal with the fact that it lost it’s lead due to the sad passing of Chadwick Boseman. Boseman kept his cancer a closely guarded secret and the cast and creative team were as shocked as the rest of the world to learn that he passed away. Ryan Coogler has said in interviews that he originally had a script in place that focused heavily on T’Challas perspective but he of course had to rework this from the ground up. His feeling of grief and loss has massively shaped the release and the pain of him being gone can be felt in almost every single performance.

Since his passing the #RecastTChalla movement has slowly been building momentum online with many saying that the characters means a lot to people and that he should be someone we still see in the MCU. Marvel has been in a difficult position because of this and it’s clear they want to honour Chadwicks legacy whilst also keeping the Black Panther in place. Now much like the comics, Shuri ends up taking up the mantle of The Black Panther in the movie. This is something that was passed on to her in the source material but the post credits scene hints how we can still have a T’challa in the MCU that takes over the Black Panther Mantle.

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