Movie Content Plus Video Bizarre Ways Batman Cheated Death And Injury

Bizarre Ways Batman Cheated Death And Injury

Batman famously doesn’t kill people, and for the most part, he tends to avoid his own demise too.

Not being a super-powered being of enhanced durability, the fact that he typically survives the insane, sometimes galactic-level threats he has to face is maybe the most impressive thing about him.

Of course, in the decades he’s spent as a costumed comic book crime fighter, he has managed to die a couple of times – but so far, he always comes back.

The world’s greatest detective has figured out myriad ways to avoid the long goodnight. Sometimes he uses time travel; other times, he just hooks himself up to a car battery. These are just some of the bizarre ways Batman has cheated death and injury.

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Venom addiction | 0:00
Telekinesis heals a broken back | 0:57
Restored via Lazarus Pit | 1:34
Miraculous time travel cure | 2:21
Jump starting his brain | 2:55
Shocked back to life, twice | 3:30
Another implausible back recovery | 4:21

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