Biggest Unanswered Questions From The Frozen Movies

Can Elsa really create life? Is there a Walt Disney Company in Arendelle? And is there any order in the world of Frozen? There are some big questions that we’re still left with from the Frozen movies.

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Kristoff and Sven? | 0:00
Are the trolls evil? | 1:05
What’s Grand Pabbie’s deal? | 2:30
Where did Rapunzel come from? | 3:40
Just who is Wandering Oaken? | 4:56
What happens to Weselton? | 5:41
How do Elsa’s powers work? | 6:50
Olaf knows Mickey Mouse? | 7:41
Are the trolls in Arendelle? | 8"54
Elsa and Olaf’s connection? | 9:41
How is Anna alive? | 10:38
What is Elsa’s mom’s situation? | 11:31

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