Biggest Consequences Of Doctor Strange’s No Way Home Spell

Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie was one of the biggest event films of last year and it successfully positioned our favorite neighborhood webhead to have a whole new set of adventures in the future that bring him back down to the street-level hero a lot of us love. But have we actually stopped to think about how drastic some of the consequences of Peter’s new life is? At the end of the movie, Peter had to make a huge sacrifice to fix the problem he created. When characters from all over the multiverse who knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man, Peter found a way around that by erasing himself from existence. When you say it out loud and analyze it for a bit, it might not make the most sense, but it doesn’t matter because it still hit us all right in the feels! And now that it’s the new status quo, what are the biggest consequences of this?

Like for example, could the Sinister Six be in the works? Remember that Adrien Toomes only seemed hesitant to team up with Scorpion because he felt indebted to Peter after Spider-Man saved his life, but now that Vulture would have no knowledge of who Peter Parker is, you think he’s more willing to return to a life of crime? Could Ned turn to villainy without Peter in his life? He’s always seemed like the type to crave more power. Could having no life be what leads Peter to work for the Daily Bugle? See there’s a lot of consequences!

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0:00 Intro
0:42 The Sinister Six?
3:20 The Avengers
5:00 Ned’s Turn to Villainy
7:20 Personal Life
8:49 Agent Venom
10:15 The Daily Bugle
11:36 Other Universes?
13:04 Confusing Implications

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