Big Sky: Janina Gavankar Says We’ll Learn More About Ren’s Family

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Big Sky, Season 2 through Episode 8, "The End Has No End.”]

Janina Gavankar made quite the debut as Ren in the first half of Big Sky Season 2. With her right-hand man Donno (Ryan O’Nan) by her side, Ren rolled into Helena ready and eager to track down her cartel’s missing drugs and money. She’s not trying to lie low or take an all-business approach to her work. Ren is absolutely brimming with energy and personality, and she enjoys letting people know it.

However, when Ren fails to get the job done quickly enough, she’s sent some unwanted backup – her little brother Jag (Vinny Chhibber). Not only is it very evident that Ren isn’t thrilled about her brother’s arrival, but you can also see the way she carries herself change. While she doesn’t lose her spark, Ren’s clearly threatened by Jag who, in his very first scene, goes above and beyond when establishing his authority.

We were lucky to have Gavankar on Collider Ladies Night when the first half of Season 2 wound down in December, but we saved a clip from the conversation to share with you just in time for the show’s mid-season return on Thursday, February 24th. During that portion of that chat, Gavankar shed some light on how Jag’s arrival impacts Ren and what we can expect from their dynamic going forward. Check out what she said in this After Hours clip!

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