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Big Bang Theory Marathon

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then 12 seasons and 15 years ago "The Big Bang Theory" started. Wait…

Whether you’ve seen every episode or just caught the occasional rerun, you know a little something about "The Big Bang Theory." But are you a Sheldon-style know-it-all or a Penny-style normie? Either way, our "Big Bang Theory" marathon will leave you saying "Bazinga!"

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The Untold Truth Of The Big Bang Theory | 0:00
What Die Hard Fans Don’t Even Know About The Big Bang Theory | 3:51
The Penny Scene That Went Too Far On The Big Bang Theory | 13:58
The Ending Of The Big Bang Theory Explained | 18:11
Why You Never Learned Penny’s Last Name On The Big Bang Theory | 24:14
The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Error That Bothers Young Sheldon Fans | 27:55
The Penny Theory That Changes Everything On The Big Bang Theory | 32:33
Questionable Things We Ignore In The Big Bang Theory | 36:59
The Iconic Big Bang Theory Scene That Was Difficult For Mayim Bialik To Film | 47:42
Things You Never Noticed In The Big Bang Theory’s Final Episode | 51:35
The Absolute Worst Thing Raj Ever Did On The Big Bang Theory | 55:27
Are The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik And Kaley Cuoco Friends In Real Life? | 59:11
Things You Never Noticed In The Pilot Of The Big Bang Theory | 1:03:16
The Big Bang Theory Character Endings Ranked Worst To Best | 1:08:28

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