BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 12 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained

BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 12 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained. Kim returns for the latest episode of Better Call Saul and there are some big things that are set up for the finale next week.

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Ok so the penultimate episode of Better Call Saul has just dropped. The entry teases a lot of things for the finale and in this breakdown we’re gonna be doing a big recap, talking about some of the details in it and also giving our theories for where things will head in episode 13.

Full spoilers ahead from this point onwards. I wanna get straight into it but make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss our big video on the series next week. With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Better Call Saul.

Now last week had Jimmy being stuck at a crossroads and after hearding that Kim had asked about him he decided to turn back around and reach out to her. We kinda had a feeling that we’d see the other side of this conversation and it’s something that this entry heavily focuses on. This episode is very much about Kim cutting off all the ties to the past and relieving herself of the guilt that she’s been carrying over the last couple of years.

The first part of severing herself off from her old version comes early on when we open with Saul in his office, she’s here to hand over her divorce papers and this is very much the first document in the episode that leads to a big transformation for her. We catch Saul throwing a ball off the constitution and also see his Law Degree from the University of American Samoa. American Samoa isn’t a real university and the name on it Saul Goodman is of course also a fake one showing how much of a fascade this entire thing is.

Got a lot of Shining Vibes here with him just bouncing the ball rather than bieng productive and he knocks down out of the columns further showing how fake this entire thing is.

Saul is in one of his mare gareish suits yet and the salmonĀ  blazer, striped shirt and s**t tie arguably shows how hideous of a person that he’s become.

Yes its’s a reach but from here we cut to the title sequence.

Again this is heavily shortened down with us almost instantly skipping to the blue screen of death that you get when a VHS tape hits its end point. This of course signifies how the show is coming to a close too but we do get a glimpse of Jeff’s cab which also becomes a big focus here.

Now much in the same way that Jimmy has drastically changed every time he’s taken on a new stage in life we see how the same thing has happened with Kim too. She’s now missing the ponytail, has dyed her hair brown and also she’s become completely reserved in putting her opinion forward.

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