Movie Content Plus Video Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2023: Adam Driver, Ben Affleck & More

Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2023: Adam Driver, Ben Affleck & More

As the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles face off against each other at the State Farm Stadium for Super Bowl LVII, some of the best—and funniest—commercials have already landed online ahead of the fun and games on February 12th. Last year, as the Los Angeles Rams brought home the win, studios and beloved brands teamed up on some truly hilarious commercials, but the 2023 slate may just take the cake. After all, did the Super Bowl commercials have Miles Teller dancing, plural Adam Drivers, or familiar faces eating snacking and Breaking Bad? No!

Whether you’re excited to see who will bring home the Super Bowl LVII ring this year or just waiting to watch Rihanna kill it during the halftime show, Super Bowl commercials always make the day that much better. Sometimes they’ll make you cry, sometimes they’ll make you laugh, and—on more than one occasion—they’ll leave you scratching your head and wondering how they got greenlit.

Check out the Super Bowl 2023 ads right here:

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