Movie Content Plus Video Behind Tom Cruise’s Most Dangerous Stunts

Behind Tom Cruise’s Most Dangerous Stunts

Tom Cruise is taking off at full speed for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick. But before he hits the afterburners to the dangerzone, it’s time to look back on some of his craziest stunts and sequences. How did this absolute madman manage to pull off a 20’000 ft Halo Jump, Or hand off a cargo plane?

Join Chris Goodmakers with Screen Rant as he shows you how the actor managed to scale the world’s tallest building, or run around in robot armor. This is behind Tom Cruise’s Greatest Stunts.


0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Cargo Plane Escape
1:39 – Breath Hold
2:59 – Vomit Comet
4:12 – Power Armor
5:11 – Tower Climb
6:05 – Risky Delivery
7:08 – Dangerzone
7:49 – Halo Jump
9:04 – Dedication to the Stunts

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