Movie Content Plus Video BATMAN RETURNS: An Underrated Christmas Classic

BATMAN RETURNS: An Underrated Christmas Classic

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Written by Bevin (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Brianna McLarty

#BatmanReturns #christmas

Batman Returns is one of the boldest, bravest, and most underrated films of the Batman Cinematic Universe. It doesn’t get enough credit for taking risks and pushing the envelope regarding superhero films, even though it garnered significant major backlash at the time. (clip)

Yet, after a basic middle-of-the-road phase 4 from Marvel, I can’t help but think (clip)

And Tim Burton is ANYTHING but normal. So suit up cause I’m going to explain why I think Batman Returns is the best underrated Batman Film. (clip)

When the film was released on June 16, 1992, it became the third highest-grossing film of the year, even with all the McDonald’s slash parents’ complaints of it being too dark, too depressing, and too adult. Why, whatever do you mean, Mcdonald’s? Do you mean a movie that opens with parents attempting to murder their newborn isn’t kid-friendly? (clip)

The one thing this film is though is a solid Christmas movie. All you “Die Hard is a Christmas Movie” fans better have my back on this one. Now I don’t just say this because Christmas is in almost every frame of this movie. But honestly, I could. There’s a massive Christmas tree in the center of town, Christmas shopping, gift giving, Christmas songs, Christmas parties, mistletoe, and “Merry Christmas” exchanges.

Doug: That’s a lot of Christmas

True, Doug, but what makes this a Christmas movie more than anything else is that the holiday season and its themes play a vital role in the plot. From the opening on Penguin being dumped via Moses style on Christmas Eve to Bruce and Selina coping with seasonal depression to a Scrooge archetype in Christopher Walkin. (clip)

If it’s been a while since, here’s a quick recap of Batman Returns. Two wealthy socialites, the Cobblepots, give birth one cold holiday season night to a flipper-handed, cat-eating, penguin-like creature. On Christmas eve, they dump their child in the river next to an abandoned Old Zoo. However, the baby is found by a bunch of penguins. 33 Years go by, and it’s the Christmas Season in Gotham; There’s shopping, holiday tree lighting, and gang attacks. The Red Triangle Gang has come to kidnap Max Shreck, a popular tycoon industrialist. They take him to their leader, who is revealed to be the baby going by the name Penguin. (clip) He blackmails Shreck with evidence of his corruption and murderous acts to assist his reintegration into Gotham’s elite society. Shreck returns to his office that night to find his secretary Selina (clip), who has uncovered his plot to build a power plant that would actually siphon and hoard electricity from Gotham, Max pushes her out the window, but she is brought back to life by stray cats. Thus, Catwoman is born! (clip)

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