BATMAN: How Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT Trilogy Saved Superhero Movies

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The Batman is about to give us a gritty reinterpretation of the hero. But it’s important to remember the grounded, grotty Batman that gave us the Golden Age of Superheroes: Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. This video explores the many ways olan influenced the superhero genre, and set a standard for the MCU. Even hiring an indie filmmaker like Nolan was a move copied by Marvel Studios.

But mostly, these Batman movies put character ahead of spectacle. They were daring, risky, and kickstarted the genre into a new age.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

0:00 The Superhero Golden Age
1:36 Why Superhero Movies Were Failing
3:50 Batman Begins Raised the Bar for the MCU
8:59 Nolan’s Influence on Character and Realism
11:55 Nolan Showed What to Adapt From Comics
13:25 Dark Knight’s Story Influenced & The Infinity Saga
14:40 Nolan Paved the Way for Marvel’s Indie Filmmakers
16:15 Dark Knight films are the Gold Standard

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We live in the golden age of superheroes. Superheroes are everywhere, these movies dominate the box office, they are the biggest events of the year, and it has been this way decades. And more importantly, many of these movies are actually…good. Some are even considered to be works of art. But how did we get here? When did this Golden age start?

It all can be traced back to one masterful trilogy. Christopher Nolan’s Batman films changed the game, forever. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight completely shifted the perception around comic-book movies – what was once perceived as campy and cartoonish flicks, is now cherished and upheld to the highest cinematic standard.

17 years after Nolan reinvented Batman, we are still witnessing the influence and the legacy of the Dark Knight trilogy. Let’s return to the very inception of the superhero golden age, and explore how the modern-day cinematic blockbusters were born by the incredible films that changed the superhero genre, forever.

The Dark Knight trilogy didn’t just influence almost every superhero that followed it, but it saved the entire superhero genre. This is why we need to start with a little trip down memory lane, and explore how the Dark Knight trilogy saved the superhero movie.

Superman and Superman II were the first major movies that changed the perception of the superhero genre, serving as proof that comic books can be adapted into both good and profitable movies. Then came the Superman sequels and basically undid it all in the most terrible way possible.

Shortly after, Batman 89 came out, and reinvented Batman, giving us our first dark interpretation of a major superhero. For anyone who didn’t read the comics at the time, the assumption was that Batman is this campy. And then “Batman and the nipples” came out, and suddenly this didn’t seem that bad.

As both of DC’s biggest franchisees ran to the ground, it was Marvel’s turn to shine. And many of Marvel’s first movies were very good. Some are even great. But very quickly bad quality threatened the superhero genre once again.

All of this led to an unavoidable negative perception of comic-book-based movies. For decades, audiences saw comics as nothing more than silly cartoons made only for kids. Even after the whole industry was reinvented with graphic novels such as Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. People who didn’t read comics, simply didn’t take these stories and characters seriously.
And as superheroes movies came and went, this preconceived notion carried over to the big screen. Especially because most of these films came crashing down and leaving the worst taste in everyone’s mouths. Even great films like Spider-Man 2 couldn’t escape this perception.
And perception is everything, it can make or break any movie.

Back in the early 2000s, the overall perception of superhero movies was pretty bad. The audience didn’t take these movies seriously, which made studios doubt if this genre is worth the risk.
Superhero movies needed a paradigm shift in perception.

And then a miracle happened. Christopher Nolan, a visionary filmmaker, a completely unknown director with only three films to his name.

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