Bailee Madison’s New Horror Movie Is So Messed Up Her Sister Walked Out

As Collider sat down to talk with Bailee Madison about Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin — which just wrapped its Season 1 run on HBO Max — the series star spent a little time talking about the horror elements of the series, which is something both she and Collider’s Perri Nemiroff love to death. That led to them talking about Play Dead, a horror film that Madison stars in, and it’s set to premiere later this year.

During the exclusive interview, Madison revealed that not only she’s a huge horror fan, but also that she loves that horror movies push boundaries. That’s what she says happens with Play Dead, a movie that starts off with a macabre premise: A criminology student fakes her own death in order to break into a morgue and chase a lead on a crime she’s investigating. According to Madison, the movie is “very different” and it gets even more bizarre — something the actor’s sister apparently confirmed in a screening.

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