Movie Content Plus Video BAD BATCH Episode 9 BREAKDOWN: Every Star Wars Easter Egg and Hidden Message

BAD BATCH Episode 9 BREAKDOWN: Every Star Wars Easter Egg and Hidden Message

Our Bad Batch Episode 9 Breakdown is here, with all of the Star wars Easter Eggs. This bottle episode contains homages to great shows like Breaking Bad, while also offering some emotional catharsis to the team members.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Randolf Nombrado, Brianna Mclarty, and Sean Martin

#BadBatch #EasterEggs #StarWars

Now to be honest friends, I was not digging this episode at first. You know me, I’m a defender of this show. At its worst it’s a fun episodic romp, and at its best it paints a harrowing portrait of how fascism comes to power on the backs of veterans [crosshair lonely clip]. I thought the two parameters last week were great for tying into the larger universe.

Doug: tasty tasty easter eggs, oh boy.

But it also showed how Palpatine was able to manipulate the senate into making itself largely obsolete in andor [clip, mothma booking].

And even though I want more characters based stories for this show, I wans;t feeling this one for reasons I’ll explain in a bit. But then something occurred to me about this episode, and suddenly, Iwa really into it.

Doug: What’s that, did you go to detroit?

Mo, why would I gotta detroit?

Doug: I dunno, I hear people talking about Detroit sometimes.

No, Doug, I realized that this was a bottle episode.

Doug: What’s that?

So a bottle episode is when a show typically is trying to save money, so they’ll set the whole episode in one place. Like when the brady’s were trapped in a meat locker, brian and stewie in a bank vault, or–maybe the most famous bottle episode of all–when walter white and jesse spent hours in the lamb, trying to kill a fly.

Bottle episodes, at their weakest, are just clip shows.

Doug: Hey, remember that time we met my mom? [clip]

Exactly. But bottle episodes also place your characters into tight circumstances, and force them to come to mutual understandings with one another so they can be released. [Jesse, sorry about jane]. If you know, you know.

In the case of this episode, r tech and omega exist on opposite sides of the emotional spectrum. He is very analytical and detached from his feelings. It’s how he was made. Whereas Omega has always been more in touch with her own feelings, and the feelings of others [talking tio crosshair].

Doug: Is that because she is force sensitive?

I mean it could be, or it could be because she’s a kid. OMega grew up in Tipoca City,s without anyone around her own age, at least after Boba Fett left. [pack your things…]

The bad batch became her first family–and the marauder is her home–where her room is.In this episode, she’s like a kid whose parents are getting divorced. Her home is being torn apart–heck her home is literally taken from her.; the bad batch realize that they were designed to be imminent, but Omega is too young to accept that she’s always going to be homeless. Remember, this is why wrecker wanted that big score in episode 1 this season [clip].

So, with all that armchair analysis and meaning out of the way, let’s break down this episode. We begin with a little bit of a misdirect. Kevin Kiner’s score once again completely changes genres, now going for more of a western score. [clip]. anf=d the visuals of this planet are probably meant to mimic Monument Valley. This is where many, many classic esters are set. The area is field with desert, canyons, rock formations, which give it this alien, unexplored feel that’s perfect for westerns–and for star wars

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