Movie Content Plus Video BAD BATCH Episode 5 Breakdown + Every Star Wars Easter Egg

BAD BATCH Episode 5 Breakdown + Every Star Wars Easter Egg

Our Bad Batch Episode 5 Breakdown is here! In this video we trace te ancient history of the Jedi and Sith to figure out where the mecha monster comesfrom. We believe that it could actually be a precursor to the Death Star, and that it was built by the Jedi. The episode is also filled with Indiana Jones callbacks and references.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

#BadBatch #StarWars #EasterEggs

So this is a good old fashioned treasure hunt, in the spirit of stories like Treasure Island, the Secret of the Incas, the Goonies, and of course–all four Indiana Jones films. One trope of this genre is the inciting artifact. This is the object that gets the characters to chase the treasure. Like a map in the goonies, the grail diary in Last Crusade–you get the idea. Here it’s the compass that Omega finds in the junkyard.

It’s also neat that Omega begins the episode looking for shipparts, since we saw her becoming an expert in starships in the first episode [clip]. Specifically, they’re looking for a compressor. You know, like the fault of one in the Millenium falcon. [TFA clip]. Which was later removed. [TLJ clip].

But instead she finds a compass, and this is not the first one that we’ve seen in Star wars. In the game Battlefront, you go on a mission with Luke Skywalker to help recover a Jedi Star Compass. Presumably, Luke used this compass to find the first Jedi temple on Ach-To, because we see it here.

There’s also a neat symmetry to the episode that we begin surrounded by junk and wreckage, and we end with the mecha monster becoming junk and wreckage. Back at Cid’s were reintroduced to Wanda Sykes character, a treasure hunter slash pirate named Phee Genoa.

Wanda Sykes, if you’re unfamiliar, is a brilliant stand up comic who is also one of the best recurring cast members on Curb Your Enthusiasm. [clip].

Sykes’s voice is so distinct that it’s hard to separate her from her star wars character, and in my head this whole episode is a star wars adventure, which also happens to feature the woman who did this. [clip]

She starts off in the bar saying sorry to Ketch and Bolo, the Ithorian and weequay regulars who are kind of like Cid’s Cliff and Norm.

Doug: Who is cliff and norm?

From Cheers, the sitcom they were on with Rhea Perlman, the voice of Cid. [clip]. She’s telling the boys a story that is probably half made up–certainly none of the people and places she’s referenced have appeared in star wars before [clip, Coral cove, grand earl of Novak]

Hunter, tech, and Echo listen to her, and remember–Tech is starting to distrust Cid after the past few episodes. [clip, mention her associates]. So he’s a naturally dubious person. [1:40] By the way the Aurbest on the wall here reeds best in the mid-rim, the part of the galaxy where Ord mantell is–and this machine reads credit pusher. I assume it’s one of those games that always threatens to push coins over the edge, but never quite pays off.

So later on they do find this real treasure that is very, very ancient. This is foreshadowed with what Phee says [long before our time]. But I’m going to talk about the ancient history of star wars and how it all foreshadowed the death star in just a bit.

Echo mentions that they failed the last time they went treasure hunting, which was when they went after Dooku’s treasure in the first two episodes this season. Phee says that’s because she wants to be with them, but remember she did tip them off about this caper to begin with.

So in her story, she mentions a beast called an ectomorph [tentacles pulling me down]. This might be a reach, but I think this is an easter egg to the goonies.

Doug: There was no octopus in the goonies.

Not, but there is a deleted scene where the gang fights an octopus, that IS mentioned in the movie. [clip]. And just like that scene is deleted from the movie, we don;t see it in this episode. There are other goonies references I’ll mention later on.

So phee recognizes the compass right away, and they head off to the Kaldar trinary system–and this is the first time this has been mentioned in Star Wars, fr reasons I’ll explain in a bit–but first [4:48] can we just take in how gorgeous this animation is. Look at how well that background pops off the screen–it almost looks like love action.

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