Movie Content Plus Video BAD BATCH Episode 2×04 BREAKDOWN: Every Star Wars Easter Egg and Reference

BAD BATCH Episode 2×04 BREAKDOWN: Every Star Wars Easter Egg and Reference

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The Bad Batch Episode 2 is a fun romp that takes Star wars back to its racing roots: The Phantom Menace, American Graffiti, and Attack of the Clones.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Randolf Nombrado

#BadBatch #EasterEggs #starwars

But what’s most impressive about this episode is that it’s fun, but it also gives Tech some much-needed character development. In the first season, Tech was mostly defined by being smart [clip]. But so far this season,we’ve seen him for his intelligence and gain a kind of emotional intelligence, like in episode 2 [never thought of it that way.

And in this episode, we get to see him play to the top of his intelligence. It was an interesting reverse that Tech is more technical than the droid–but I’ll talk about those parallels later on. Also, this episode lays the foundation for the team distrusting and maybe eventually splitting with Cid–which I hope happens for a reason I’ll explain later. But first, let’s get into three easter eggs. [drink]

We open on Ord Mantell the Bad batch’s headquarters which is referenced in Empire. This species in the open is a Gotal, and we’ve seen them appear many times in Clone wars, resistance, and of course here in A New hope.

The Arabah sings behind him east and west, as we go into Ci’ bar, where Wrecker has made the mistake of playing Omega in Djarik. You remember Dkarik for A new hope, I’m sure, but did you remember that Omega is so good at the game that she single-handedly paid off the bad batch’s debt to Cid [clip].

And they’re betting on Mantell mix, the popcorn-like candy that the two of them ate last season [randcor episode ending]. Mantell mix was actually called outpost mix in early drafts of the script. If you want to try Mantell mix for yourself, you can visit Disney’s Galaxy’s edge and try out Outpost mix at Kat Saka’s kettle, and it will only cost you six dollars and 49 cents, plus tax and the 109 dollar admission into the park. [drink].


Now I thought that last seas on was too focused on Hunter and OMega, which is why I’m so happy to see other teammates like Wrecker and Tech get some solo time in episodes like this. Tech does tell us what Hunter and echo are up to [nerf nuggets].

Doug: Nerf nuggets? You can make those after you chew on a nerf ball.

No buddy, these are actually nuggets made from a nerf, a kind of livestock in star wars first mentioned here [scruffy nerf herder]. And I think the first time we actually saw one was in the game Galactic Battlegrounds–and that game totally rocked, by the way.

Omega’s droid from tipoca city, AZ1, has a new job, selling drinks at the bar.

Doug: Like Artoo D2 [clip,]

Yeah, and I think it’s funny that he’s this sophisticated droid,but this is the best job the Batch had for him right now. [community clip]

[1:36] There’s a gambling game in the background here with aurebesh that spells lucky shots. Notice that it has clone trooper helmets from the beginning of the clone war. That’s a cool detail, because it tells us that the game was created when the war first started, and people probably thought it was going to be a quick victory. Also, any machine that was designed and out into production would probably need a couple years to get tot market, so of course it would have the helmets from 4 years earlier.

[:57] one of the first shots of the Zaphidun shows someone drinking a bottle of liquor called deep core, probably a reference to the core of the galaxy, implying that the drink is strong and dense with alcohol–much like the greater gravity at the core of the galaxy makes it dense with stars.

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