Movie Content Plus Video BAD BATCH 2×03 BREAKDOWN – Every STAR WARS Easter Egg in Episode 3

BAD BATCH 2×03 BREAKDOWN – Every STAR WARS Easter Egg in Episode 3

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Star Wars: the Bad Batch shows us a different corner of the galaxy this week, with a solo story focusing on Crosshair. This episode also has ties with the great Clone wars chapter "Heroes on Both Sides" and reveals exactly HOW the droids shut down in Reenge of the Sith.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright
Edited by Randolf Nombrado

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So first let’s take a closer look at that title, the solitary clone. First of all, clones, by definition, are not supposed to be solitary. They are meant to be copies, which is why the clones in Star wars develop such strong bonds, calling one another brothers. The bad batch, in particular, has a strong bond with one another because they are the only irregular clones. They’re a minority of a minority.

The episode title refers to, obviously, Crosshair, who is feeling more and more isolated in the galaxy. Remember, the last season ended with the empire bombarding tipoca city on Kamino, knowing he was still inside. Then, we learn here, he was left for dead for over 30 days on a platform until he was discovered.

That is a lot of time for a clone to be without companionship. This episode even has several poignant shots of Crosshair all alone.

Doug: All by himself…that poor clone…he is…all by himself.

Well done. [high five].

The shit of crosshair sleeping on a cot call to mind a prison cell. This is a twist on the title, meaning that he is almost in a kind of solitary confinement. There is also this really hard hitting shot of him in from of these names of the fallen–but more on those names in a bit.

The point is, crosshair has no friends. His fellow clones want nothing to do with him like he’s the forrest gump of the empire. [clip]

Those same clones are being replaced by conscripted TK troopers. And other clones, like Commander Cody, are becoming disillusioned and going awol.

We begin on planet Dessex, a former separatist world that I believe were seeing for the first time. The episode does a great job of immediately establishing a medieval feel to the world. The people are agrarian, which automatically gives us the idea that they are humble and hardscrabble. And the citadel is essentially like a giant castle, complete with an enormous rampart that runs up to the height of the fortress.

Like all the best star wars, it looks familiar and new, all at once.

Governor Grotten arrives, and that is a pretty great name for an evil governor. [letters on screen] Great at being rotten. Grotten. Get it?

Grotten arrives in an imperial shuttle, which falls somewhere in the evolution between the Nu Class republic attack shuttles of the clone wars and the lambda class from the original trilogy. He is being escorted by regular TK troopers/

Doug: TK? What’s that, like they gonna name them later?

No, TK is the designation given to human troopers. You know, like this. [somehow palaptine]. Sorry, I meant like this [TK-421, ANH]. Whereas the clone troops have CC designations [clip, rookies clone wars]

So these are the regular human troopers that the empire is slowly replacing clones with. The best way to tell is the larger, slightly more awkward helmets. Closer to the cadet helmets that Ezra wears in star wars rebels.

The Governor is named Ames, and I thought it was interesting that she mostly wears this badass-looking mask. It gives her voice a mechanical quality. [clip]. Because, as we see, she is being protected by battle droids, and her disillusionment with the empire has made her more rigid and machine-like. Later this will manifest as her internal conflict, where she agrees ot listen to her humanity, and seek out peace. [not a great plan] [her getting killed]

I’m the kind of nerd who always loves the political stuff in star wars, so I am loving seeing this transition. When the clone wars ended, all of the separatist planets stopped fighting, but it didn’t mean that they automatically agreed to join the republic. It just meant that the confederacy of independent systems no longer existed. But now the empire is devouring every system that it can. In the days of the republic, a planet would decide to join, and would send representatives to the senate.

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