Movie Content Plus Video BAD BATCH 2×01 BREAKDOWN – Every STAR WARS Easter Egg in Episodes 1 and 2

BAD BATCH 2×01 BREAKDOWN – Every STAR WARS Easter Egg in Episodes 1 and 2

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch is off to a strong start with a two-part premiere that further builds a bridge between the Clone Wars and Andor. In this video we talk about Dooku’s loot, how it connects to the Clone Wars, sequel trilogy, and how this whole series is leading up to explaining the "somehow" in "somehow Palpatine returned."

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright
Edited by Randolf Nombrado

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So stoked to be back on this season, because I think this show is going to be an important bridge between the prequel trilogy and shows like Andor and Obi-wan Kenobi. Also, I felt like the first season ignored some of the Batch members, like Tech and Echo, so it’s nice to see them get some attention in these first two episodes. Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments, and now let’s get into this breakdown.
erent meanings. Most obviously, spoils of war refer to any prize the winner of a war can claim. For instance, after world war I, the allied powers imposed massive reparations on the central powers. Or, when the barbarians sacked Rome they carried off the gold and riches of that city, and so on.

So in this episode, the Empire, formerly the Republic, has recently defeated the separatists in the clone wars, so they’re lotting their planets for everything they can get. The thing is, the clone wars series gave us a much more nuanced view of the separatists. The movies only showed us the greedy guilds that were the power behind the movement. But the series showed us the planet Raxus, where ordinary people saw the confederacy as a chance to obtain greater freedom than the republic offered.

Doug: Ohhh, I might have to make a grievous was right video!

Hell yeah, high five.

Last season the bad batch even traveled to Raxus and defended their former enemies–and that character growth is continuing in these first two episodes.

The other meaning of Spoils of War is a bit more literal–war has literally spoiled the planet of serrano.

Doug: yeah, what is this stuff about Dooku being like a king or something? I thought he was a Jedi.

Okay, so all of that is explained in the audio novel Dooku: Jedi Lost, but let’s give you a quick summary. We also went over this in our tales of the Jedi easter egg videos, if you want to check that one out. So Dooku was born into royalty on planet Serrano.

Doug: The guy who worships Jobu? [clip]

No, no that’s Pedro Serrano from major league, this is planet Serrano. So Dooku was born into this royal family, but when he was a kid and they discovered he was force sensitive, his dad wanted him taken away because he didn’t trust the Jedi voodoo magic. Dooku became a distinguished Jedi, while his brother Count Ramil ruled over the planet. Very long story short, Dooku became disillusioned by the Jedi order, like we saw in tales of the Jedi. Dooku’s brother became like crazy evil and abused the people of the planet. So Dooku was forced to kill his brother, making him the new count of serrano.

He decided to serve his people instead of the Jedi order, so he resigned from the order. But, he remained on good terms with the Jedi, still visiting the temple, which is why he was there during the events of the phantom menace like we saw in tales of the Jedi [clip]. And of course, he turns evil, joins Sidious, funds the confederacy, etc.

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