Movie Content Plus Video Avengers: Endgame VS Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker – Why One Worked and the Other Didn’t-SCENE FIGHTS

Avengers: Endgame VS Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker – Why One Worked and the Other Didn’t-SCENE FIGHTS

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Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker are very similar movies. But we think there is one scene that makes one of them a classic that was the perfect capstone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first three phases. And the other was a disappointing attempt to bring closure to a franchise that will continue forever. Here are some similarities:

Each movie is attempting to wrap up a huge saga that includes tv shows and trilogies and comics.

The heroes are recovering after a loss in the last movie, and are struggling to gain traction. Rey can’t hear the other jedi, and the avengers have no way to stop thanos. To win the day, heroes have to come to a reconciliation with their own past and heritage [tony and howard, rey and her parents]

There’s a cameo from a dead father that helps one of the heroes get his mind right.

The villain was presented sympathetically in the last movie, but now the main villain is just pure evil. And each movie features the return of villains we thought were dead [thanos and palpatine]

The heroes have to all go off on a caper together, before splitting off into teams, then coming together again in the final battle. Along the way, we revisit past locations and characters from the franchise. [Lando clip, ancient one clip]

One of the heroes is tempted by her evil father figure in the final act, and another hero sacrifices herself to save everyone else.

In the climax, heroes from other films and franchises show up to save the day.

It takes two of the heroes who were always at odds to team up and defeat the bad guy.

And another hero learns a lot about themselves by having a talk with a dead parent figure.

Both movies end with the death of a hero, sacrificing himself to defeat the villain and save the universe. The other hero leaves the past behind and moves forward with his life, passing on a legendary name.

In the last battle, all is lost as the hero stands alone, then they receive help from pretty much everyone in the franchise who is still alive.

0:00 Similarities
2:32 The Challenges of Rise of Skywalker
6:55 Why Endgame Works
11:59 Why Rise of Skywalker Doesn’t Work

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Randolf Nombrado

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