Movie Content Plus Video Avatar 3, Black Adam 2, Warhammer 40k Amazon Series… KinoCheck News

Avatar 3, Black Adam 2, Warhammer 40k Amazon Series… KinoCheck News

This time in the #KinoCheckNews "Pokémon", "Black Adam 2", "Warhammer 40k series", "Avatar 3", "Hypno Hustler", "Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie" etc.| Subscribe ➤ | 2022 Movie News Show | More News

00:00 Pokémon
The "Pokémon" franchise has had an impact on entire generations: Some grew up with the anime from 1997, which is still running today, while others were introduced to it by the popular GameBoy games, trading cards or "Pokémon Go"…

02:07 Black Adam 2
After an extensive promotional tour, "Black Adam" hit theaters on October 21, 2022. The hype was huge, which was mainly due to the smart marketing of DC and Dwayne Johnson. Yet, it is considered safe to say that a sequel is no longer in the works…

03:37 Warhammer 40k series
It’s been a turbulent few weeks for actor Henry Cavill. First he announced his withdrawal from "The Witcher" series at Netflix in order to presumably get more involved with DC. Then came the sudden end of his Superman, and a "Man of Steel 2" was off the table in no time…

05:46 Avatar 3
James Cameron’s "Avatar 2: The Way of Water" is currently playing in cinemas and is working hard to earn back the insanely high production costs and meet the high expectations…

07:36 Hypno Hustler
It’s not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is constantly growing and can fall back on an ever-larger catalog of movies and series. The Sony Spider-Man Universe is also striving to further develop various projects…

09:04 Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie
A movie for the upcoming adaptation of the multi-part horror game "Five Nights at Freddy’s" has been in planning for quite some time. Apart from the announcement that Blumhouse will produce the film, there has been little information so far. Well, that changed this week when the signing of the first cast members was announced…

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