ARCANE Season 2 – Vander Becomes Warwick?… Story Theories & Easter-Eggs You Missed!

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In cooperation with Netflix, Riot launched the first League of Legends animated series on the streaming platform in November. Of course, we are talking about "Arcane". There’s no need to double-check whether the entire project was a success. After all, the series won the hearts of all viewers after the first three episodes alone and swept other movies and series from the top spot across countries. Now all the episodes are out and the finale came as a bombshell. The nine episodes are packed with all sorts of Easter eggs and surprises, leaving plenty of room for fan theories. And who would have guessed: Season 2 was confirmed promptly. That is why we have compiled the most important information for you and provide a small preview of possible storylines in the second season.

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00:00 Arcane Teaser Season 2
00:31 Arcane: Everything about Season 1&2
01:30 Summary Season 1
02:46 Why we love Arcane
04:07 Vander becomes Warwick
05:20 Mel Merdada
06:50 Abilities
07:33 Heimerdinger older than expected?
08:19 Origins of Twitch
09:35 Outlook Season 2
09:50 Plot Season 2
11:15 Champions Season 2
11:48 Runeterra Cinematic Universe

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