Movie Content Plus Entertainment ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Ending Explained | Breakdown, Credits Scene, Easter Eggs & Review

ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Ending Explained | Breakdown, Credits Scene, Easter Eggs & Review

ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Post Credits Scene, WTF Questions & Review. We breakdown and explain the ending of Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania. This includes the council of Kangs, who the members are, the comic callbacks, easter eggs and also what’s happening with Loki Season 2 and Victor Timely.

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Ok so Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantmania is now out and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the film, talking about some of the easter eggs, that ending and also where it could be going in the future. This review is gonna contain major spoilers so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend that you check out now. If you enjoy the video then please smash the thumbs up button and if you wanna support the channel we’ve just launched a size matters Ant-man inspired T-shirt which will be linked in the pinned comment.

Now speaking of pushing terrible merch after a little scene with Janet and Kang we rejoin Scott Lang who’s now everywhere due to the celebrity he gained by saving the universe in Avengers Endgame.

thank you spider-man

He’s reading look out for the little guy at book events, he’s employee of the century, hes running the red carpet and this ant is upping the ant-i like your uncle.

We’ve got the theme tune from Welcome Back, Kotter, he’s meeting Jimmy Woo, Hope has made Pym Tech back to being a big name, it’s the perfect life.

However he and his daughter Cassie aren’t as close as they used to be. He’s now so wrapped up in the attention that he’s taken his attention off his daughter and she’s now following in his footsteps. She gets arrested for participating in a peaceful protest for homeless people and this is of course reflecting the thief with a heart of gold that scott was in the first film.

We discover that people lost their homes during the blip and that not many people can afford to pay rent now whilst Scott is living the high life.

They do kinda use this idea of helping the down and out to foreshadow a rebellion storyline later on that we’ll talk about this in just a bit. Scotts whole arc in the movie is basically that he saved the universe once but he does nothing now.

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