Another 10 Times Fans And Critics Heavily Disagreed

Hey look, I guess we made this video already 2 years ago, but I wasn’t here so to me it doesn’t count so we’re doing it again and don’t worry, we’re not talking about the Last Jedi, too much baggage. Oh and this is based off Rotten Tomatoes just so I can include the booooo tomato video because as long as I think it’s funny, I’m putting it in the video.
I couldn’t put it on this list since it was on the last one but Spy Kids not being universally loved by everyone who laid eyes on Robert Rodriquez’s magnum opus is something that will continue to haunt me. How can you not love the whimsical wonderment of the world? Or the futuristic product placement that we need but don’t deserve.

This time we’re talking about more recent movies like Eternals and Don’t Look Up but there’s a few classics mixed in too like School of Rock and the OG Hulk and while I don’t consider Sharknado a classic, it’s on here too just because I thought it was weird. Trust me, it’ll make more sense in the video.
In the comments let us know which movie that you think critics were way too hard on or were too easy on, maybe we can make another video on the topic, who knows.
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0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Eternals
1:19 – Don’t Look Up
2:16 – F9
3:14 – Space Jam 2
4:17 – Mortal Kombat
5:18 – Hulk
6:12 – The School of Rock
6:59 – King Kong
7:50 – Sharknado
8:51 – X-men Apocalypse/Dark Phoenix

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