Movie Content Plus Video ANDOR: Every Clue that LUTHEN is a Secret JEDI

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Andor is the perfect Star Wars prequel, with just enough Easter Eggs to sustain the story they are trying to tell. Luthen Rael is one of the show’s biggest mysteries. He seems to be an architect of the rebellion, but we’ve never heard of him before. we think that’s because he lives a life in hiding, and that he is actually Jedi Master Uvell, a veteran of the Clone Wars.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

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So remember, Andor takes place about 5 years before Star Wars: A New Hope. So the jedi purge happened 15 years before, coinciding with the creation of the empire. Star Wars canon is filled with jedi who survived the Great Purge. Now leading up to this show, a lot of them like Jocastu Nu and this guy [obi wan guy] are confirmed dead. So we’re not going to list all of them.

But there are a few others, like Kanan Jarrus, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Cal Kestis, Ahsoka Tano, and maybe Quinlan Voss–who are still kicking around the galaxy at this point. Now of course, all of them were gone before the return of the Jedi. Because of the line Yoda said [when gone…last of the jedi].

But, there’s a loophole there. Ahsoka Tano had quit the Jedi order, and was never made Jedi Knight. So she was still around to meet Luke. In the now non-canon but still great book Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader, a padawan named Olee Starstone walks away from the order. I think it’s likely that dozens of jedi walked away from life, and their connection with the force diminished with time.

But remember, there were thousands of jedi all across the galaxy. This is the case with Cere Junda, a former Jedi master who cut herself off from the force. And there were other jedi who were technically still part of the order, but had almost no contact with it. The 2017 comic book Darth Vader showed him hunting down a hermit Jedi named Kirak Infili’a.

Doug: Why are you going over all of this stuff?

Because I want to establish that there is a precedent for Jedi surviving the Purge, and operating throughout the empire, and that this does not contradict what Yoda says [last of the jedi…] In fact, Ahsoka Tano not only survived the Jedi Purge, but she tried to live a quiet life, and ended up joining Bail Organa to found the rebellion [her joining bail in tales of the jedi]

Neither had I, until Joe Loughran sent us this theory. In Star Wars insider Issue 154, there was a canon story called the end of history, written by Alexander Freed and illustrated by Chris Scalf.

So here’s the gist of this story. The main character is named Antron Bach. During the republic years, he was an antiques dealer whose specialty was Jedi artifacts. So he made friends with several jedi as part of his dealings. Them during order 66, a jedi master named Uvell basically filled a ship with Jedi artifacts and holocrons and told Bach to preserve this history,

Back then settled on a former Genoniosian colony. You remember the Geonosians, the bug people from the attack of the clones. Years later the empire tried to wipe them out, killing 100 billion of them [rebels episode clip].

Not relevant, but all of that is context. So Bach hides these artifacts for about ten years, until a member of the Corellian resistance shows up and ends shis help. Then Bach has to decide if he will risk exposing the artifacts by helping this person. He ultimately decided to help them, and we never find out if the artifacts were ever discovered or not.

But Bach does end the story certain that he will die on his mission, and is hopeful that the empire will not discover the vault of jedi artifacts. So the theory goes like this. Luthen Rael might be Antron Bach–or more likely, he is the former Jedi master Uvell. Master Uvell, Luthen Rael. Same guy.

Doug: But why would you go into hiding and keep the same name?

I don’t know ask Ben Kenobi [clip, blue harvest, means old obi wan kenobi]

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