Movie Content Plus Entertainment ANDOR Episode 10 Ending Explained & Recap | Easter Eggs, Theories, Trailers And Review | STAR WARS

ANDOR Episode 10 Ending Explained & Recap | Easter Eggs, Theories, Trailers And Review | STAR WARS

ANDOR Episode 10 Ending Explained & Recap | Easter Eggs, Theories, Trailers And Review | STAR WARS. We analyze the latest Disney Plus Andor Episode and explain the ending of Episode 10. We also give our theories and predictions for next time based off the trailers and what hasn’t been shown in the series so far.

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Alright, so Andor Episode 10 is now in the books, and yeah.. the prison break went down without any of them choking on their aspirations…. Well except this guy. And uhhh him. And we can’t forget about that dude. Okay, some of them didn’t make it, but yeah, in this video we’re gonna be discussing that ending, our theories for the next few episodes, along with our reaction and review of this episode.

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With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Andor episode 10.

“And that…. Ends today. There is one… way… out”

So if you’re just coming out of episode 9, we heard Andy Serkis drop an iconic 4 words, that’ll give any Star Wars fan chills for years to come… “Never More Than Twelve”… and that alone carries so much weight for episode 10, because you know Kino is fully on board with attempting Andor’s escape plan. Knowing that the 200 odd some shifts left on his sentence mean nothing, because he will be shifted to another part of the prison, and the whole thing starts over again.

With time against them, much like everyone in this series, the following day is the best chance for them to kick the escape plan into full gear. Surprisingly all of this echoes that of Andor and the rebels prepping for the garrison heist in the previous episodes. The plan was briefly laid out in episode 9, with Andor cutting whatever pipe that was, we discover it’s a water supply of sorts, stopping the elevator half way down, and using it to climb the rest of the way, using the railing as help. Because again from episode 9, it’s revealed that the railing and lift are not part of the electrical floor grid.

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