Movie Content Plus Video ANDOR: ENDING and Post-Credit Scene Explained!

ANDOR: ENDING and Post-Credit Scene Explained!


It’s the season finale of Andor and it’s time for everything to come to a head. Andor returns home for his mother’s funeral and he has some people who want to speak with him. Deedra Maro is on the hunt and she can come to Ferrex to face the man she has been tracking all season. Luthen must also face the consequence of his action. Mon Mothma is also forced to pick which she cares for the most, her daughter or galactic freedom. The Star Wars universe has never been this down to earth before. We see the people who sacrificed everything so that Luke could destroy the empire.

Join Chris Goodmakers as he breaks down the season finale. From Rix Road to Death troopers we have all the details and all the facts. The Disney Plus series will return for one more season, but the finale still leaves us with so many questions. Chris Goodmakers and Screen Rant break them down and go over all the details you need to know about that ending. Andor is finally ready to fight back, and he’s going to show the Empire what he is willing to stand for. Diago Luna stars in Andor, which has turned out to be the best star wars feature in years. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit the bell for notifications, and join Screen Rant for all the best easter eggs and explanations.

0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Rix Road
1:34 – Death Star
3:40 – Andor’s Arc

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