Movie Content Plus Video All The Spider-Men We Will See In Phase 5 and Phase 6

All The Spider-Men We Will See In Phase 5 and Phase 6

With the Marvel Cinematic Universes next two Phases looming in the distance, and the revelation of what’s to come over the next handful of years being recently teased or flat out told to us at both this year’s San Diego Comic Con and D23 Expo, there is one hero’s name that shows up once in Phase 5 and not at all in Phase 6… yet. Arguably the most famous, most iconic and most recreated superhero in all of Marvel, Spider-Man has not only had a plethora of adventures inside of the MCU, but he is also one of the first characters that we have seen multiple variants of already. Confirming that there are a number of different Spider-Men out in the Multiverse, both animated and live action that are considered canonical to the MCU, and after the Spider-Crew team-up we got to see in No Way Home, fans should not be surprised if and when they get to see these Spider-characters return. Hey, maybe we will even meet some new Spider-People that we will speculate on in this video. With all of that being said, let’s swing through this list of all the Spider-Men we might see in the MCU Phases 5 and 6.



0:00 – Intro
0:53 – MCU Spidey
1:52 – Freshman Year
2:45 – Zombies
3:33 – Miles Morales
4:46 – Venom
6:01 – Agent Venom
6:53 – Amazing Spider-Man
7:41 – Spider-Gwen
8:36 – Raimi-Verse
9:51 – Spinneret
10:53 – Spiderling
11:53 – Spider-Man 2099
12:35 – Clones
13:43 – Spider-Army

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