Movie Content Plus Video ALL The Last of Us Episode 1 Easter Eggs and Explanation

ALL The Last of Us Episode 1 Easter Eggs and Explanation


The Last Of Us has premiered on HBO with a stunning hour plus of apocalyptic action and some good old fashioned bleakness. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey star in the adaptation of the hit playstation game from developer Naughty Dog. The new show is so faithful to the game that it recreates entire scenes and lifts dialogue almost entirely. It’s not hard when the man behind the fungus Neil Druckman has creative control and is writing the show. Yes this new series is full of amazing hidden details and references to some deep lore and fun facts.

Join Chris Goodmakers and Screen Rant as they delve into the premier episode and uncover all the facts, easter eggs, and meaning behind the events of the episode. From Elle’s favorite switch blade and it’s back story, to the clothing, signage, and amazing sets of the new look at life after a mushroom doomsday. There is so much to explore about the new series that it requires some intense detective work. Plus there is the steller cast and amazing talent behind the camera to talk about. Don’t forget to check out Screen Rant for all the best videos on the things you missed from the most popular shows and movies!

0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Elle’s Knife
1:22 – Costumes
1:57 – Jimmy
2:16 – Perry
2:59 – Motor control
3:20 – The Opening Scene
4:01 – Survivor
4:31 – Tacos
5:21 – The Patriot Act
6:21 – The Child
7:22 – Tendrils
8:13 – Dialogue
8:47 – Butterflies
9:18 – In the darkness

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Written by: Chris Goodmakers
Narrated by: Max Lichtig
Edited by: Morgan Lui

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