Movie Content Plus Video All Quiet On The Western Front: 21 Things You Missed

All Quiet On The Western Front: 21 Things You Missed


Another year of movies means another season of Oscar bait, and what’s a better bait for Oscars than a war movie? Not just any war movie, but an adaptation of the seminal anti-war tale, All Quiet On The Western Front? Edward Berger brings us the most visceral adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s novel to date, with pulse-pounding action that makes you feel like you’re in the trenches yourself. But that doesn’t mean it’s constant carnage, the movie remembers that at the heart of war is the human factor. Time is taken to see how our characters develop over the course of the war, and we even get to see them stealing food from local farms on their off-hours, just like in real life! Not only do we go over the historical allusions made throughout the film, we even noticed some slight inaccuracies in the production. No offense to the production staff though, they all did an incredible job bringing the grit and grime of wartime to the silver screen! We go even further to discuss the changes made to the story for the sake of the adaptation, although it’s up to you as to whether or not those choices worked. And with any harrowing tale, symbolism abounds! Stick around until the end of the video to see how our comrades’ fates are linked from the moment they set off to war until the very end!

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – War never changes, even if the directors do
1:20 – It’s all in the title
1:56 – The not-so-fantastic Four
2:43 – The BRAAAAM of war tolls
3:19 – The Dog-tags of war
3:50 – Tank God I’m not in the trenches
4:34 – The Mask of War
5:14 – All Quiet on the Eastern Front
5:52 – One day before retirement
6:27 – From Rags to Ditches
7:10 – A not-so-wild-goose chase
8:05 – No Yolking Matter
8:46 – Hidden in plain sight
9:19 – No vacation in wartime
9:54 – Killed in Not-so-Cold Blood
10:29 – Two years too late?
11:02 – Cause of death?
11:45 – Borrowed time
12:27 – Don’t eat soup with a fork
13:03 – Two sides to every story
13:34 – Full Circle

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Written by: Joshua Clinton
Narrated by: Joey Criscitello
Edited by: Joey Criscitello

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