ALL OF US ARE DEAD Season 2: Theories, Predictions And Everything We Know | #지금 우리 학교는

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ALL OF US ARE DEAD Season 2: Theories, Predictions And Everything We Know. #지금 우리 학교는 We breakdown our big theories for Season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix. This includes ones on whether Cheong-San is Alive, Nam-Ra and the future of the Halfbies/Hambies and what the humans will do.

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0:00 All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Intro
0:47 Raid Shadow Legends Sponsor
2:21 Season 1 Ending Explained
3:05 Nam-Ra And The Others Like Her
4:31 Will There Be A Season 2?
5:23 Is Cheong-San Alive?
6:13 Humans Vs The Halfbies
7:54 Exploring The Virus Origins

Ok so Season 1 ended in a great place for Season 2 to pick up.

At the end the students are in a state of limbo as they are left to quarantine despite the army leaving. On-Jo, still reeling from the death of Cheong-San, explores the abandoned zone and notices a fire on the school roof. It’s significant as Nam-Ra said that if they should meet again they should have a campfire. Together On-Jo and the rest of the group head to the school roof and here they get a reunion with Nam-Ra.

She explains how there are more like her that ran away from the school and heads off in quite a dramatic fashion by jumping off the building setting up a superhero landing.

Throughout the show they pretty much bucks the trend of ambling slow zombies and because of this they could take the series in a refreshing new direction in Season 2.

With Nam-Ra saying that there are more like her and seemingly heading off to them, her words hint that the zombie outbreak is in a state of cold war and Cheong-San could be one of the people who are like her out there having possibly turned into a Halfbie.

I’ll talk about him more later on but there is a lot of evidence to support him being alive.

Season 2 could explore how Nam-Ra and her kind live out there in the wilds while the human story expands as the students try to make a life in the quarantine zone.

Having these two clear divides in society could lead to a political fallout as we saw the government are happy to exterminate the halfbies for just existing. Sure they wanna turn the lunch lady into lunch but they also have powerful abilities that could aid humanity.

So it’s a bit of a political, political quandry in which the humans will likely want to take back their homes whilst the halfbies will want to continue existing. I think that the core group will get caught in the middle of this as they’re more on the side of Nam-Ra rather than the people that left them behind to die.

From a political viewpoint, Assemblywoman Park Eun-hee was asked to resign so it’s no doubt that the army and politicians will feature again trying to fix the fallout from the pandemic.

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