ALL OF US ARE DEAD Every Clue That Cheong-san Is [SPOILER] | Things You Missed 지금 우리 학교는

ALL OF US ARE DEAD Every Clue That Cheong-san Is [SPOILER] | Things You Missed & Hidden Details 지금 우리 학교는. We breakdown the big scene in Episode 11 of the Netflix Zombie show and discuss whether Gwi-Nam and Cheong-San can come back or not. This delves into theories on the hybrids and also what Nam-Ra says at the end.

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0:00 All Of Us Are Dead Explained
0:54 Is Gwi-Nam Dead?
1:43 Is Cheong-San Alive?
2:24 The Hybrids Explained
3:41 Nam-Ra says she can’t smell anything
4:19 Death Fake outs
4:54 More Hybrids Out There?

Ok so All Of Us Are Dead changes a lot of things about your typical zombie show. Whereas in most things based on the undead being bit is a death sentence, here the virus can mutate so that the person infected retains their consciouness. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Gwi-Nam, the evil school bully that ends up stalking the students in the show as he attempts to exact revenge on Cheong-San.

It really is an eye for an eye and in the penultimate episode as Gwi-Nam manages to catch up to him. During the entry the military start to herd together the undead so that they can bomb the area and both Cheong-San and Gwi-Nam get caught in the blast.

But did they survive it?

Well throughout this video that what we’re gonna be breaking down so come with us as we re-examine the evidence to discuss whether they’re alive or dead.

If you enjoy it then please drop a thumbs up and also comment below with whether you think the character made it out alive or not.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into All Of Us Are Dead.

Ok so the first character that I wanna examine is Gwi-Nam who goes down the elevator shaft with Cheong-San. After the missile hits the school the explosion knocks them both back and Cheong-san wraps his arms around him as the pair tumbled down the chamber.

If we slow down the footage we can see the fire engulfing them both but paying close attention to Gwi-Nam you can make out his body turning orange as the fire engulfs him. This starts to slowly break him apart and the guy completely melts in the blast, disappearing before they even get to the bottom.

After looking at this closely there’s absolutely no way that he survives this because the guy is completely evicerated.

So rejoice fans, we’ll never have to look at that stupid Mullet again.

Now because he takes the full force of the blast it actually provides protection for Cheong-San who’s head we can see at this point.

The episode ends with us closing in on On-Jo’s name badge and at this moment we also move past a hand amongst the ash that still seems intact.

Cut to episode 12 and we get a continuation of this shot and can see beside the name tag what looks to be Lee Cheong-San.

If we look around at the other corpses they’re mostly in construction gear and his body is the only one that is clearly in the school uniform.

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