Movie Content Plus Entertainment ALL OF US ARE DEAD Ending Explained | Full Series Review And Predictions For Season 2 지금 우리 학교는

ALL OF US ARE DEAD Ending Explained | Full Series Review And Predictions For Season 2 지금 우리 학교는

ALL OF US ARE DEAD Ending Explained | Full Series Review And Predictions For Season 2 지금 우리 학교는. We review, recap and breakdown the Netflix Korean Horror Zombie TV Show All Of Us Are Dead. In this we discuss several theories for whether Cheong-San is alive or not and also give our theories for Season 2.

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0:00 All Of Us Are Dead Intro
1:04 All Of Us Are Dead Story And Virus Breakdown
4:00 Is Cheong-San Alive?
5:46 Episode 11 and 12 Recap
7:58 Ending Explained And Season 2 Predictions
10:40 Season Review

So All Of Us Are Dead is a new school zombie show that’s in a class of it’s own. The series is packed with amazing character development, tense action scenes and a different take on the zombie genre that breathes new life into something that’s been done to death.

Heavily inspired by films like Train to Busan and Kingdom, we watch as a zombie plague makes it’s way through a major city in Korea and through the season we follow several of the survivors as they try and make their way to a quarantine camp.

Coming in at over 12 hours long it feels like it’s own gruelling journey to get through that could’ve been avoided if people just learned to stay away from the hellis hamster. However, the series is definitely worth watching and if you’ve finished it then this video is for you.

Throughout it we’re gonna be breaking down the ending and also discussing what we think could be happening in Season 2.

There will be heavy spoilers from this point out so if you haven’t had a chance to watch it then going past this point would be a grave mistake.

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With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into All Of Us Are Dead.

Ok so All Of Us Are Dead primarily focuses on a group of students that band together at their school in order to survive a zombie outbreak.

Throughout the series we learn that this was caused by the school’s science teacher who’s son was bullied so badly that he attempted to give him a way in which to fight back. The pair were both failed by the school system that looked the other way whilst bullies were allowed to destroy someones life and thus the teacher tried to give his son something that would end his torment.

However this backfired and instead it created a legion of the undead whilst the virus itself mutated into two different types.

Firstly there was the more ravenous type in which people completely lost all control and they turned into flesh eating monsters intent on ripping you apart. As the military and government learn more about the virus we discover that it actually completely kills the carrier and just stimulates their bodies, basically making their corpses move

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