ALITA: Battle Angel 2 – Zapans Revenge?

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Manga movie adaptations don’t always have an easy time with critics. When you also attempt to do it as a live-action film, there are often vast differences between what the audience imagined and the final product. Nevertheless, there are also surprises every now and then, such as "Alita: Battle Angel" by Robert Rodriguez. The film about the cyborg Alita was more than impressive, which is why fans are eagerly awaiting a second part. The screenwriters would have plenty of material for it, since the movie only deals with the first two volumes of the nine-part manga. Besides, there is still an alternative ending with "Battle Angel Alita: Holy Night and Other Stories" that can be told. Yet, how realistic is a second part actually and what could it be about?

00:00 Alita: Battle Angel 2
00:48 The End of Part 1
02:47 Possible Storylines
05:32 Prospects for Part 2

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